15 Halloween DIY Costume Ideas

15 Halloween DIY Costume Ideas

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Halloween, along with all its excitement is almost here. Most people like to express themselves by their unique outfits on the scariest night of the year. You can wear whatever you like. If you don't like the costumes already selling, here are some ideas for you to prepare your own.


1. Edward Scissorhands

Let's start with the easy ones. You can purchase the 'Scissorhands' directly, and then add the basics by yourself. A plain t-shirt, make-up, and a weird look on your face will do. You're set to go!

2. Skeleton Patches for Pregnant Women

These cute patches will give everybody a smile! All you need is a big basic t-shirt and an iron to patch these on the t-shirt. You can apply using a household iron. It's a great Halloween maternity costume or better; it's a fantastic way to announce a pregnancy.

3. Princess Leia

In the Star Wars Universe, it's pretty hard to be Princess Leia. But being her for Halloween is one of the easiest things in the world. Just get the proper hairstyle and a plain white dress. And if you think the hair needs to be perfect, you can always use a cosplay hairband.

4. Vampire

Effortless and bloody classic. All you need is a cloak, teeth, and some blood effects. Put them together, and there you are, entirely in it for the Halloween Spirit.

5. Elf

Speaking of simple costumes, why don't you wear elf ears and a cloak to turn yourself into an elf? These ears come as a set so you can choose whatever size you like. If you are willing to add more details about elves to your costume, then you can wear a green dress and a black belt to complete your look.

6. Bubble Gum Machine

If you want a specialized costume, let's get into the real DIY costumes. You will need some pom-poms, a red skirt, and a plain t-shirt. Just draw a circle on the t-shirt and fill it inside with pom-poms. Don't forget to add a price tag on your dress!

7. Game Machine

Imagine a game machine in your mind and turn these cardboards into it. You will need cardboards, paints, aluminum foil, and some tape. A note: Acrylic paints are the ideal choice for painting cardboards.

8. Plant

Have you ever thought that being a plant for a day would be so comfortable? Just standing and watching people must be fun. You have that opportunity for a day. Get a laundry basket, crepe papers, and acrylic paints. Complete your look with a watering can.

9. Bubble Bath

Who doesn't like a big tub full of bubble bath? Cover yourself with white balloons and put your shower cap on, ready to relax. Just a little tip, don't cover your back if you're going to sit.

10. French Toast

It's Halloween and if you won't use these puns this day, when will you? Dress as a stereotypical French and take a toast with yourself everywhere. You can wear a red scarf, striped tee and, of course, a beret. Carrying a real toast would be hard, so make yourself a felt one. Take some felt and scissors. Cut felt in any size you like, don't forget to cut its edges like toast, and add some French accent, all set!

11. Copy Cat

Speaking of puns, it's an excellent costume alternative for pun lovers. Get a basic white t-shirt and write "Copy Cat" on it with sticky letters. Then wear a basic cat costume set. Carrying some copy sheets with you will make everything look a lot funnier about this.

12. Holy Guacamole

This is one of the easiest and pun inserted DIY ideas for Halloween. Wear a green t-shirt and angel wings set. If there's anyone around you who doesn't get the joke, shame on them.

13. Paper Doll Dress

Here's a nostalgic idea, do you remember paper dolls? It's normal if you don't, they were children's favorite toys in the past. Want to be one? All you need are cardboard, scissors, and paints. Cut the cardboard and paint it, you can even add a headpiece with the help of a headband. The rest of it is easy; just hang it on your neck.

14. Photo Frame

Yes, you will be in the photo frame. All you need is to cut the cardboard and use Photo Booth Props Kit.

15. Costume Not Found

If it's your last minute and you still have no idea who you'll be for Halloween, what about not being anybody? Just be honest and tell them you don't have any idea. Get yourself a plain white t-shirt and sticky letters. Write the truth: 404 Error Costume Not Found.

An Extra Tip

Here is an accessories suggestion for women; these earrings will show that you're in the Halloween mood.

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