Audi Presents the Vehicle of the Future: Audi AI:Trail Quattro

Audi Presents the Vehicle of the Future: Audi AI:Trail Quattro

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Sustainable driving has been on the spot for several years now. Due to emerging climate changes, automobile manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to design more eco-friendly vehicles and improve the sector while keeping automation in mind.


This year, Audi is introducing its fourth sustainable vehicle — the series of concept cars with electric drive systems.

Audi AI:TRAIL Quattro is an electric off-roader that changes the concept of road transport. The futuristic off-roader will be introduced to the public together with other vehicles from the series: Audi Aicon, AI:ME, and AI:RACE at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2019.

All four exhibits will be showcased at Audi’s stand in Hall 3 throughout the whole of IAA 2019.

The Audi AI:TRAIL quattro

The series of electric drive vehicles began in 2017 with the presentation of the Audi Aicon.

Audi AI:TRAIL quattro is the fourth release, which aims to revolutionize road transportation and bring more sustainable automobile choices. The off-roader demonstrates noteworthy power — it has four electric motors and a quattro all-wheel drive.

The vehicle stands out from its counterparts with exceptional capacity combined with sustainable and automated driving experience.

Despite the main features, AI:TRAIL distinguishes with visionary design. The cabin is surrounded by a glass surface, creating all-round visibility. The interior is compatible with devices such as phones and computers.

AI:TRAIL has an extended battery capacity, which ensures a smooth driving experience, even for long trips. Off-roaders architecture protects passengers’ comfort while driving on a rocky or bumpy road, due to its agility.

Marc Lichte, Audi’s Head of Design, describes the new release: “With the AI:TRAIL, we are showing an off-road concept with an emissions-free electric drive for an innovative driving experience away from paved roads. Consistent with this, we designed a monolithic basic vehicle body with maximum glazing to create an intense connection to the surroundings. A concept for sustainable mobility on demand.”

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