12 Innovative Packaging Ideas That Makes It Worth Buying the Product For

12 Innovative Packaging Ideas That Makes It Worth Buying the Product For

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If you have ambitions of creating a killer innovative packaging solution, then these 12 examples will certainly inspire you. As you are about to find out most of these are truly inspired designs.

We have also attempted to answer some commonly asked questions about packaging in general. Needless to say, this is not intended to be a comprehensive guide.


What is creative packaging?

Creative packaging, as the name implies, is any packaging design that helps the product stand out from the competition. They are also increasingly including more sustainable and cost-effective solutions to the age-old problem of packaging a certain product.

Packaging design is actually a very technical field and combines elements of science, engineering, and art. It can get quite involved and is defined by sites like Wikipedia as "a coordinated system of preparing goods for transport, warehousing, logistics, sale, and end use."

In some cases, as you will find out later, some creative packaging solutions are actually part of the product they contain.

"Creative solutions for packaging can have a positive effect on a product’s and business’s marketing campaign, and can also cut shipping and storage costs with creative and sustainable designs," according to

What are the main types of packaging?

Packaging comes in many shapes and sizes, but generally speaking, they can be classified as one of several types of packaging. Whether they are made from paper or plastic, or any other material, packaging tends to come in the form of:

  • Boxes
  • Barrels, cartons, and drums
  • Bags

Of course, 'packaging' is a very nebulous term, and do come in other solutions that might not necessarily fall into these broad categories. These are many subcategories of packaging too depending on what material they are made of.

The term can also be applied to logistics solutions like shipping containers, pallets, etc. A prime example would be something like film packaging - i.e. bubble wrap, etc.

In this article, we will mainly be concerned with the main external "customer-facing" packaging elements technically called consumer packaging.

How do I design my product packaging?

If you want to design your own packaging, you have several options to choose from.

Depending on your personal skills, or will, you could either design it yourself from scratch or recruit professionals to do the hard work for you. The latter would be the best choice for expediency but will come at a cost.

But if you really want to do it yourself, the internet has no shortage of useful guides to get you started. A good example is

12 examples of great packaging ideas

So with all that in mind, here are 12 great examples of innovative packaging designs to help inspire you. As you are about to find out some of these designs are pure genius.

We hope they serve to inspire you to create the perfect packaging of your dreams.

1. This cord packaging doubles as cable ties

Here is an example of great packaging ideas. Instead of throwing it away you can actually use it for cable ties!

Absolutely brilliant idea and great for reducing waste. It was designed by Jean-Guillaume Blais and was awarded the Young Package 2008 competition in the Czech Republic.

2. When beehives and eggs unit

This innovative packaging design combines unparalleled egg protection with great design. It is also made from recycled paper - making it incredibly eco-friendly.

The packaging is so nice you might even find you start finding other uses for it once the eggs have long since been gobbled up.

3. Check out this innovative pizza box packaging

This might well be the pizza packaging solution we've all been waiting for. No longer will picking up a pizza slice be a messy and awkward affair!

With this innovative design, you can now grab a pizza slice without getting your hands burnt or greasy. Pure genius.

4. This is quite possibly the perfect butter lid

Save valuable time with this innovative packaging idea. Instead of digging around for a knife to spread the butter inside, simply use the lid instead!

Now that is what we call convenient, and ingenious.

5. This packaging makes takeaways much more convenient

Instead of the massively wasteful packaging traditionally provided by fast food restaurants, wouldn't it be great if you could carry it all in one hand? Well, that's exactly what this compartmentalized fast food packaging solution is attempting to achieve.

Carry your drink, burger, fries, and dessert all in one with this handy, one hand fast food package.

6. Check out this wine bottle-glass combo

Here is something you don't see every day. With this incredible packaging design, you not only get some yummy wine but also two wine glasses in one package.

No longer will you need to scramble around for a clean drinking vessel at home or outdoors.

7. These cigarette packets really "hammer home" the message

As any smoker knows, cigarette packaging design has become more than blatant about the risks of your habit. But with the message apparently having no effect it might be time to really hammer it home.

With these coffin-shaped cigarette packets, we finally have the ultimate in warning labeling. Of course, it could also have the opposite effect, they are a neat design after all.

8. Feed your pet on-the-go with this neat package

This handy little piece of packaging lets you combines a handy way to transport dog food and feed your mutt on-the-go. Made from cardboard it comes in a handy portable design and integrates a built-in feeding bowl.

Of course, being cardboard, we doubt it would take long for your dog to find a way into the main food reservoir. Apparently, you can "have your cake and eat it", as the saying goes.

9. Here's the Pringles container you've always dreamed of

Rather than the traditional rather awkward packaging you normally get with Pringles, wouldn't it be great if there was an easier way to get at its contents? Well, that's where this innovative packaging design comes into its own.

The tube can actually be converted into a handy-bowl! No longer do you need to risk getting your hand stuck in the tube!

10. Always know which carton contains milk with this package

With this innovative packaging design, you'll be in doubt what the carton contains. Of course, reading the label isn't really a problem for most, but this design is so neat you might find yourself reusing it time after time.

Brilliant, simply brilliant.

11. Display your teabags in style with "Hanger Tea"

If you love clothes, and tea, this might be the perfect packaging for you. Hang your teabags in style with "Hanger Tea."

It's such a good design you won't want to store you teabags any other way ever again. Each tea bag hanger can also be used to hang the tea bag into your cup or mug!

12. These sandwich anti-theft bags are pure genius!

If you have a sandwich thief at the office or at home, this ingenious and innovate packaging might be the solution you've always wanted. The Anti-Theft Lunch Bags sport a faux-mold pattern on the outside instantly making them looked spoiled to the uninitiated.

Your food-stealing days are now long behind you!

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