Australian Environmental Activists Glue Themselves to Busy Street in Protest

Australian Environmental Activists Glue Themselves to Busy Street in Protest

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Two climate change activists from Extinction Rebellion Australia in Brisbane protested against extinction by glueing themselves to the city's busiest street, Queen Street, on Tuesday morning.

Ebony and Sergio, the two activists whose last names are unknown, lay down at 8 a.m., right around the time commuters were making their way to work, and glued their arms to a busy zebra crossing.


Police and paramedics were quick to make their way over to the pair, to unglue them. However, the duo refused to be 'un-stuck'. Police had to block the street for security reasons.

How did they glue themselves to the street?

By using a metal pipe, of course.

The pair locked hands inside the pipe, and proceeded to glue it to the street's surface.

And, what are they exactly protesting for?

"To take a stand against extinction," said Ebony. Her tweet says it all:

Ebony at the Extinction Rebellion Brisbane road block to take a stand against extinction: “I’m not fighting, I’m speaking up for Mother Earth. We have to stop all of this bullshit that’s hurting. We can all feel it. We cannot lie anymore, we have to tell the truth...

— Extinction Rebellion Australia (@XRebellionAus) June 17, 2019

Sergio similarly added:

Serge at the Extinction Rebellion Brisbane road blocks to take a stand against extinction:
"I grew up in South East Queensland. I thought going to university and studying science could help save us. Turns out we have the science and it’s governments subduing that science...

— Extinction Rebellion Australia (@XRebellionAus) June 17, 2019

The protest was not a big one, with three other Extinction Rebellion protesters standing by the side of the zebra crossing, holding up a sign in support which read: "Business as usual = Death."

It was clear the protesting team was looking to grab Brisbane's commuters' attention as their Facebook page stated they wanted to "give commuters a little shock."

They certainly did grab their attention, with some tweeting that the pair should be put in prison, another stating her usual 20-minute commute took over an hour. Others took a bit of a cynical, yet lighthearted, standpoint:

The world is such that if you're not gluing yourself to the road in panic about the #ClimateEmergency then you're likely insane. (Myself included).

— Kristian Stupidness (@KristianStupid) June 18, 2019

It appears the protesters' plan was successful.

Watch the video: Interviewing locals in Clermont about Anti-Adani convoy (May 2022).


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