Elon Musk Is Now a SoundCloud Rapper, Releasing His First Song

Elon Musk Is Now a SoundCloud Rapper, Releasing His First Song

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Aside from building impressive world-changing technologies, Elon Musk has the talent of garnering and keeping the attention of the internet and his fans. The SpaceX owner has created his own tequila, has sold flamethrowers, and of course has gone viral with his occasional hilarious tweets.


Now if we told you that a major technology entrepreneur decided to become a SoundCloud rapper, you might laugh in our face. Yet, Elon Musk has decided to use his talents to create a catchy auto-tune track filled with references to one of the internet’s most mythical creatures Harambe. Welcome to 2019.

Duck emoji defeats Emo G Records. Crushing victory.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 30, 2019

Emo G Records

On Saturday, Elon Musk took to Twitter to announce his new rekindled interest in the arts and culture. Call it trolling, marketing, or simple good fun, Musk also announced the creation of Emo G Records with their first summer hit RIP Harambe.

Now, if you are scratching your head asking yourself who is Harambe, you are not alone. For the uninitiated Harambe was a beloved Gorilla that became both a legend and meme after his accidental death. Rightfully so, Musk dedicated his first song to the late great Harambe.

RIP Harambe

Now the song itself is fire. The song is driven by the Afrocentric beats that have become a focal point in modern pop music.

Paired with the booming drums and Musk’s crooning voice the song embodies the emotional weight of the loss of Harambe, something that is still so fresh in the hearts of a lot of people today.

Both the chorus and refrain are simple but potent lyrics do in fact remind us all that Harambe is an important figure so crucial to the modern age of the internet. Only about two minutes long, the song does an excellent job of delivering its message.

This might be my finest work

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 30, 2019

Perhaps listeners should not look at Musk as tech CEO turned rapper but as a rapper turned tech CEO. Hopefully, Musk has more great music in store for us in the near future.

Masterpiece? Billboard top 100? What do you think of Elon Musk’s latest song and do you think he has a future in the world of rap? Leave your answers below.

Watch the video: Elon Musk - RIP Harambe Lyrics Elon Musk Song (June 2022).


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