Twitter Reacts to the Samsung Fold; Not Everyone Is Happy

Twitter Reacts to the Samsung Fold; Not Everyone Is Happy

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is here. Samsung's first folding phone is essentially a litmus test for the future of foldable technology. So what do people think? We turn to the water cooler of the internet, otherwise known as Twitter, to find out.


Some Twitter users were keen to push Apple's buttons. Many are waiting to see if Apple will respond with a folding phone of their own.

— Emmanuel ? ??? ??????? (@thepizzaknight_) February 20, 2019

At almost $2000 USD the Samsung Fold is most definitely a luxury item. Though the heavy price tag isn't too far from a maxed out iPhone X. Samsung hasn't had much to say about the high price point, but everyone else certainly has an opinion.

Samsung trying to justify the price tag for #SamsungFoldpic.twitter.com/BcfVhtOWam

— Indra (@lndraAM) February 21, 2019

People freaking out about a $2000 phone? Bruh, your fully loaded iPhone XS Max is almost at that price ??? This is Gen 1. It’s never cheap to be an early adopter. You decide if it’s worth it for you. #SamsungFold

— Brian Tong (@briantong) February 20, 2019

Other Twiter users were offended that Samsung is trying to claim what they were doing was groundbreaking. Did someone say flip phone?

First Flip Phone?!? #Apple#iPhone#SamsungFold#GalaxyFoldpic.twitter.com/eupc05b9QH

— Todd Garland (@ToddieG) February 20, 2019

Twitter user Alexander Lerche says what is on many people's minds. Who is going to design a case for this thing?

#SamsungFold is gonna generate so. fucking. much. in repairs because no-one can design a case to protect that kind of design.

— Alexander Lerche (@AlexanderLerche) February 20, 2019

Samsung might have a lawsuit on their hands. Seems like they weren't the only ones with the idea to combine a phone and tablet.

@[email protected]@[email protected] Last week this was my 6 year old daughter’s invention. #foldablephone#SamsungFoldpic.twitter.com/8dQAVSWyMH

— Dah-Ree-Oh (@DIZZLE1015) February 21, 2019

Samsung might be pushing boundaries on the tech side of things, but the design of the phone is leaving many cold.

$AAPL New Samsung Fold $SSNLF#samsungfold#samsungpic.twitter.com/zrTw84WRqO

— Skevaboy (@SkevaBoy) February 21, 2019

Super huge screen, doesn't come with a stylus.... Wants $2000 #SamsungFoldpic.twitter.com/NtHfLn1MNJ

— AHughes Comic (@idestroyed) February 21, 2019

My interpretation on how the new #SamsungFold was thought up and designed. Just messing around... but seriously, $2k? #GalaxyFold#Samsungpic.twitter.com/W7alPHBY4p

— FatBatCat5 (@FatBatCat5) February 21, 2019

What do you think? Is the Samsung Galaxy Fold the phone we all need or is it too much-underdeveloped tech too soon?

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