17 Wall Clock Designs That Are Sure to Turn Heads in Your Home

17 Wall Clock Designs That Are Sure to Turn Heads in Your Home

Wall clocks are some of the most underrated objects in your home. Everything you need to know about the current time can usually be found on your wrist or smartphone. Yet, this does not mean you need to opt out of getting a wall clock completely.

Modern wall clocks have features that do more than just tell time and can be a great substitute for art in your home. If anything, wall clocks can add a bit of personality to a room, with of course the added benefit of always knowing the time.

However, before going out to purchase your art timepiece, one should take the time to explore the history of wall clocks; a history that is very worth exploring.

History of Wall Clock

Sundials were the original clocks; devices that used the position of the sun to display the current “time” of the day.

The first mechanical clocks were invented in England and France between 1386-1389. These clocks were powered by the momentum of a pendulum. However, this in itself made the clocks very limited; if the pendulum stopped working so would the clock.

The modern clock that we know and love today was not introduced until much later, by the engineering savvy, Peter Heinlein of Germany. By the seventeenth century, clocks were common and the clock became a status symbol, objects that were not only precise but very elegant.

Fast forward another few hundred years, introduce quartz and digital technology and you have the modern wall clocks that you know and love today. So what wall clock will you be getting?

Here are some wall clocks that are sure to turn the heads of your guests at home. These are not your grandma’s wall clocks.

World Zone Clocks

Before the iPhone, finding out the time in another place halfway around the world was a bit of a pain. This knowledge was usually reserved for those who had that information memorized, or international business or the businessman.

Reminiscent of what you might have seen in an executive’s office, world time zone clocks are a fun way to show your global mindset. This clock features a minimalist map, with clocks and appropriate times placed in the correct time zones.

RND Time

An existential art piece perhaps? Probably one of the most unique looking clocks on this list. The clock features the traditional “big hand and little hand” but with a big twist. The numbers on the clock are scattered randomly across the wall, creating a clock that is sure to make an impression for all those who see it.

The Math Quiz Clock

Clocks and math go hand in hand. There are digital clocks out there that force you to complete linear equations so that you can tell time. With a similar premise, this clock forces users to solve a few math equations to get the right time. A nice gift for the math geek.

A Recycled Bike Wheel

You could probably even do this at home. Using a recycled bike wheel, this clock offers a bit of minimalist charm to those who have a passion for cycling or bikes in general. The design of the clock is so versatile that it can fit in just about any room.

Game of Thrones Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Winter is coming, and now you will know when. For those of you, getting ready for the epic final showdown between Jon Snow, Khaleesi and the Night King, this one's for you. If you are a true Targaryen or just like dragons in general, this clock will help you fill those needs.

The Honeycomb Wall Clock

A bit of rustic charm can go a long way. If you appreciate the majestic bee or the delicious, sweet golden goodness that they produce than this clock is perfect for you. Take design direction from honeycombs, this clock is excellent for those of you who move around through the day like busy little bees.

Modern Minimalist Black Cat Clock

This clock will not bring any bad luck your way, but it is sure to brighten up your room. The minimal cat clock uses the whiskers of a cat as the hands of a clock, perfectly situated on the face of a black cat. You can never have too many cat products or cats.

Chemistry Clock

Whether you need a clock that conveys your love of chemistry or need a gift for your chemistry friend, then you need to take a peek at this clock. Using the atomic numbers of elements as the number, the clock tells time but with a twist. A great piece for the laboratory.

Chellis 10.5″ Wall Clock

Both professional, rustic and elegant, the Chellis 10.5 inch Wall Clock embodies the mechanical clock of old with its gear centric design. The clock is large enough to be a sleek focal point in any room.

Melting Clock

Like something out of Salvador Dali’s mind, this melting clock is perfect if you appreciate a little surreal humor. The clock itself looks as if it spent a little too much time in the sun, with everything from the number to the hands on the clock appearing to be melting.

Mhin Clock

If you want something a little less traditional than you should pick up the Mhin Clock. The ceramic clock uses a graph-like structure to tell time and also convey the consistent forward momentum of time.

The Clock

This clock in itself looks as if it is experiencing a post-modern crisis. The scrambled clock may not be the most useful clock on this list, but it does opt-in as an excellent art piece that is sure to draw attention and have guests asking questions.

Sundial Clock

Combining the features of the “original clock”, the sundial clock is great for those who have always wanted as sundial but need the accuracy and precision of a modern clock. Shadows are cast on the painted white base of the clock throughout the day, for a playful timeless experience.

Domino Clock

This clock takes what you love about domino's and displays it on your wall for all to see. With a very simple premise, the clock displays times using the dots found on dominos to create a unique wall clock.

Turntable Clock

Another clock that you can probably complete from home, this turntable clock uses the recycled vinyl machine to create a standout clock for all of those who appreciate good music. Unfortunately, the clock does not produce any music yet.

Continue Time

Another clock that balances art with time. The super minimal clock moves across the wall with its large pointer to create a memorable kinetic art piece. The one pointer is broken down into three arms so that you can actually guess the time of the day.

Mike Mak Clock

Like two eyes watching, the clock’s two moving dots operate like the big hand and small hand of a clock. Another great modern piece, this clock is perfect if you need something that moves beyond the realm of standard wall clocks.

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